Basic Equipment

  1. les Cartouchières (Cartridge Pouches) - Model 1888/14, 1905/14 or 1905/16. Natural ("fawn") color, leather. The model 1888/14 pouches have two separate vertical belt loops. The model 1905/14 and 16 have a one-piece triangular belt loop. Three pouches, two front and one dorsal, to a set.
  2. le Ceinturon (Belt) - Model 1903/14. 5.5 cm in width. Natural ("fawn") color, leather. Double- or single-prong buckle in either brass or blackened (Japanned) iron. Buckle is 6.5 cm in width.
  3. le Porte (Épée) Baïonnette (Bayonet-Carrier) Model 1886/14. For the "sword" bayonet. Natural ("fawn") color, leather.
  4. les Bretelles de Suspension (Suspension Braces) - Model 1892/14. Natural ("fawn") color, leather. With s-hooks in either brass or blackened (Japanned) iron.
  5. le Bidon (Canteen) - Model 1877. 2-liter with Horizon-Blue wool cover. Soldiers often carried two bidons into an assault with usually one for wine and the other for either coffee or water.
  6. la Musette (Haversack) - Model 1892. Heavy cotton canvas; Issued in various materials, sizes and shades of natural and cachou. Two buttons made of tin, commonly stamped "Equipement Militaire." Alternately, they could be plain metal with no stamping. Carrying strap is 3 cm in width. Strap buckle made of iron. Carried bread and daily rations, personal effects, toiletries, and (when on the assault) grenades. Each soldier carried at least two.
  7. la Gamelle (Mess-kit) - Model 1852. Tinned metal with lid secured by a thin chain; originally issued with a small plate. Rations were often transported inside the mess-kit.
  8. le Quart (Cup) - Model 1852. Tin or, less commonly, aluminum.
  9. la Cuillère et Forchette (Spoon) and Fork - Tin.

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