For an official listing of approved vendors broken down by uniform and equipment type, please see the Uniforms and Equipment Guidelines page here.

Individual Suppliers

David Boettcher:
Reproduction trench watch straps

Steve Fisher:
Reproduction M2 gas masks and other small items.

Brett Johnson:; 540.273.8324
Helmet refurbishing, buttons, and other small kit items.

Jim Lennon:; 516.225.3572
ID plaques.

Ian McWherter:; 707.499.4479
Uniforms and clothing, haversacks and other small kit items. View online album of his items here.

Scott Miller:
Various equipment, including haversacks, gas masks, canteens, tent-canvases, helmets, and small kit items.

Wade Rogers:
Uniforms and clothing, haversacks, gas protection, canteen refurbishing, and many other small kit items.

Sarah Nichols:
Knitted and crocheted garments for and accessories for cold weather.

Matt Williamson:; 302.312.1117
Uniforms and clothing, and other small kit items.


Atlantic Wall Blanks:
Blanks for French rifles, revolvers and pistols

Backwoods Tin:
Reproduction tinware (squad stew-pot, individual mess-kit, M2 can).

Original and reproduction French gear, including hobnails, helmets, helmet liners, etc.

Civil War Boots (Tom Mattimore) :
Reproduction French boots.

Original French boot hobnails.

Darcy Clothing:
Close replica of the French regulation shirt of the period.

Dugout Militaria:
Original French uniform and equipment items.

eBay (France) :
(Collections > Militaria > Premiere Guerre Mondiale)

eBay (US):

Great War Militaria:
Odds and ends reproduction and original items.

eBay (US):

Grenier du Biffin:
Reproduction helmet badges.

Original equipment, uniforms, headgear and insignia.

Reproduction Adrian helmets.

Horizon-Blue Wool:
Horizon-blue (uniform) wool

Liberty Tree Collectors:
Gun parts and various items for Berthier and Lebel rifles

Medailles Officiels:
Source for Croix de Guerre fourragères (used by the French army today).

Nice Collection (Eric Rosset) :
Reproduction leather gear, and miscellaneous (canteen parts, helmet liners, collar insignia, hobnails, etc.)

Numerich Gun Parts Corp:
Stripper clips for Berthier rifle

Prairie Flower:
Adrian helmet liners and chin straps.

Militaria Collections URSS:
Adrian helmet liners (preferred source - search for "coiffe intérieure cuir beige foncé casque Adrian 1915 type 2")

What Price Glory:
Reproduction French boots.

World War Supply:
Reproduction large size Adrian helmets.

AchatVille: or
Flannel waist wraps.

Armes Militaria Magazine:

Uniforms Gazette - Outside Series:

14-18 Magazine: