For an official listing of approved vendors broken down by uniform and equipment type, please see the Uniforms and Equipment Guidelines page here.

Individual Suppliers

David Boettcher:
Reproduction trench watch straps

Clint Brunt:
Reproduction leather gear.

Sam Haywood (Deep South Depot):
Reproduction backpacks.

Brett Johnson:; 540.273.8324
Helmet refurbishing, buttons, and other small kit items.

Jim Lennon:; 516.225.3572
ID plaques.

Ian McWherter:; 707.499.4479
Uniforms and clothing, haversacks and other small kit items. View online album of his items here.

Scott Miller: see Frogsacks link below
Haversacks, M2 masks, canteens, and small kit items.

Wade Rogers:
Uniforms and clothing, haversacks, gas protection, canteen refurbishing, and many other small kit items.

Sarah Nichols:
Knitted and crocheted garments for and accessories for cold weather.

Matt Williamson:; 302.312.1117
Uniforms and clothing, and other small kit items.


Atlantic Wall Blanks:
Blanks for French rifles, revolvers and pistols

Backwoods Tin:
Reproduction tinware (squad stew-pot, individual mess-kit, M2 can).

Original and reproduction French gear, including hobnails, helmets, helmet liners, etc.

Civil War Boots (Tom Mattimore) :
Reproduction French boots.

Original French boot hobnails.

Dugout Militaria:
Original French uniform and equipment items.

eBay (France) :
(Collections > Militaria > Premiere Guerre Mondiale)

eBay (US):

Great War Militaria:
Odds and ends reproduction and original items.

eBay (US):

FrogSacks (Scott Miller):
The number one supplier of French reproduction and original equipment (e.g., haversacks, canteens, M2 masks) and small kit items. Be sure to review what items are approved for use before ordering.

Drago Paris:
Brass insignia (for officer's insignia)

Horizon-Blue Wool:
Horizon-blue (uniform) wool

Liberty Tree Collectors:
Gun parts and various items for Berthier and Lebel rifles

Medailles Officiels:
Source for Croix de Guerre fourragères (used by the French army today).

Nice Collection (Cathy Rosset) :
Reproduction leather gear, and miscellaneous (canteen parts, helmet liners, collar insignia, hobnails, etc.)

Numerich Gun Parts Corp:
Stripper clips for Berthier rifle

Parsley Brass:
Model 1845 belt plates.

Petite Place:
Original French militaria, including equipment, bladed weapons and personal effects.

Militaria Collections URSS:
Adrian helmet liners (preferred source - search for "coiffe intérieure cuir beige foncé casque Adrian 1915 type 2")

What Price Glory:
Reproduction French boots.

World War Supply:
Reproduction large size Adrian helmets.

Armes Militaria Magazine:

Uniforms Gazette - Outside Series:

14-18 Magazine: