Uniforms and Equipment Guidelines

For guidance on what uniforms and equipment are needed to portray the French infantryman of the Great War, please consult the Where to Start page in the Gear section.

While putting together a WWI French infantry takes time and energy, unit members are always on-hand to help guide the new recruit in the acquisition of gear. While many items of the kit are reproduced and are readily available, we still must rely on some original pieces as well. Not all reproductions hold the same level of quality that we in the 151e strive to attain. As such, the 151e has established a list of approved vendors for sourcing items:

151e RI Approved Vendors Listing

Our unit's primary impression is that of a late-war French infantryman (1917-1918). Please refer to the following document: French Line Infantry Impression Guidelines - 1917-1918. Additional information on the uniform and equipment items can be found in the Gear section. Guidelines for impressions from other periods of the war are listed below.

  • Attention! New recruits should contact unit command before making any uniform or equipment purchases.
  • Please see Vendor contact information page.
  • The approved sutlers list is by no means definitive. While we always hope to see this list expanded upon, vendors must meet the unit's authenticity standards. New vendors must be cleared by the Bataillon Français authenticity committee and 151e RI unit command before being approved for use.
  • French Impression Guidelines – Summer 1914
    French Impression Guidelines – Spring-Summer 1915
    French Impression Guidelines – Summer-Fall 1915
    French Impression Guidelines – Fall-Winter 1915
    French Impression Guidelines – Spring-Summer 1916
    French Impression Guidelines – Fall-Winter 1916

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