les Baïonettes (Bayonets):

  • Sabre-baïonette (Sabre-bayonet) model 1874 (Gras rifle)
  • Épée-baïonette (Sword-bayonet) model 1886 with quillon or "catcher" and nickle-silver handle. Blade is 52 cm in length.
  • Épée-baïonette (Sword-bayonet) model 1886/15 without quillon and brass handle). Blade is 52 cm in length.

  • les Lances-Grenades (Rifle Grenade Launchers):

  • V.B. (Vivien-Bessière) tromblon ("blunderbuss")
  • D.R. mandrel
      V.B. tromblon       D.R. mandrel

    les Lunettes (Sniper Scopes):

    There was no special rifle produced or distributed to snipers in the French army. Rather, the Lebel rifle was simply augmented with the addition of a telescopic scope. These were usually issued on a regimental level (one per section) or to soldiers demonstrating excellent marksmanship.

    *APX model 1916 or 1917

  • Practical range: 800 m (2,625 feet)
  • Specs: 3X magnification, field of view of 13 thousandths adjustable from 50 to 800 m
  • Mount: steel frame screwed into bolt box on the left side of rifle
  • Manufacturer: l'Atelier de Puteaux, APX - ("Puteaux Workshop")
    *The difference between the model 1916 and the model 1917 came down to different mounts.

    Lebel m. 1886/93, with APX m. 1916 telescopic sniper scope.

    APX m. 1916 telescopic sniper scope.

    APX m. 1917 telescopic sniper scope.

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