"Into the Furnace" - Verdun 1916

A living history weekend hosted by the 151 R.I. at the historic Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia. We will be recreating the fighting at Bois de la Caillette and the German push to Fort Vaux in May and June 1916. The event will consist of two phases: the combat portion in the woods outside of the fort and the living history portion of the siege of Fort Vaux. The public will be allowed to observe the battle from the ramparts of the fort and then be invited to visit the forts underground galleries in guided tours. The main focus will be on the living history portion, which will depict the conditions endured on both sides in the subterranean forts in the Verdun sector. This includes recreating soldiers' rest quarters, first-aid post, combat posts, and head quarters, all in a setting closely resembling that of the underground fortifications at Verdun.

TBD March 2016


Impressions Permitted:
French and German only

May-June 1916, Verdun sector, first-person interpretation.

Small arms and Class III weapons allowed, and approved grenade pyrotechnics.





Event Coordinators:
The event organizers are as follows:

French: Matt Murphy and John Bracken (johnathan.bracken@gmail.com)


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Historical Images of Fort Vaux:

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