Approved Vendors Listing

In an effort to maintain the highest levels of authenticity and quality of French Great War equipment and uniforms, as well as to help standardize kit within the unit, the 151 RI has established a listing of approved vendors. It may be more accurate to say that this is an approved kit listing, as generally speaking, only the specific items listed under each vendor have been approved for use. In other words, vendors do not typically receive carte blanche approval. Each item produced must be fully inspected by the (GWA) Battailon Français authenticity committee. This committee consists of a board of members tasked with analyzing and vetting reproduced or refurbished French equipment and uniforms, and then offering a verdict on a graded system (Excellent, Very Good, Acceptable, Unsatisfactory). This guidance is then communicated out to the units of the Battailon Français The members themselves bring together a range of knowledge and skills set based on proven research, documentation, original items, and craft expertise (e.g., tailoring, cloth production, leather making).

  • Attention: New recruits should first contact unit leadership prior to purchasing any kit.
  • Only items appearing on this list are approved for use in the unit. Any items made by other vendors must be inspected and approved for use by unit leadership prior to being used. All unit members are encouraged to speak to unit leadership prior to purchasing any kit.
  • The Approved Vendors Listing is a "living document" and new vendors and their products can be added after thorough discussion and approval by the authenticity committee and unit leadership.
  • The first two items every new recruit should attempt to acquire first are: helmet and boots. Ideally, each recruit should start building his kit off of this foundation. Refer to the Where to Start page of the Gear section for additional information.

    151e RI Approved Vendors Listing

    Contacts for our vendors can be found in our links section here.