How to Join

If you are interested in reenacting the Great War and would like to join our organization in honoring the past, please let us know through:

Email: send a message to the unit commander, John Bracken (nom de guerre Sgt. Jean Contamine).


Form: please complete our Recruitment Form and email it to the unit commander.

You do not have to be a descendant of a French soldier to join, nor do you need to be able to speak French, though a willingness to learn is required. What is essential is a proper respect for the men we portray. A great effort is made to avoid the "powder burning" and "brass blasting" mentality that can be found in reenacting in general. This does not mean that fun and entertainment aren't a part of our events, only that the pursuit of these is carried out in the appropriate context. Accuracy is the governing rule over our unit. Of course, the first step in putting together an accurate impression is to read up fully on the subject. To aid any prospective candidates in this process, please see the Recommended Reading page for a reading list of Great War history and the French army of 1914-1918.

Please be advised: Great War reenacting is inherently rigorous, physically demanding, and dangerous. Any persons incapable of performing at least moderate physical labor and activities under difficult conditions are discouraged from joining. At our reenactments, all members must be able to conduct long marches in full kit, climb in and out of trenches, jump into shell-holes, run over broken terrain, lift heavy objects, and do lots of digging and picking. Our official unit motto is "efforcez pour la tristesse" ("strive to suffer"), which reflects our attitude that to accurately portray the life of a front-line infantryman means embracing some of the same hardships and inconveniences that the soldiers did. All members are expected to perform in the heat, cold, rain and snow. To us, it's not enough to simply wear the correct uniforms and equipment. We aim to truly live the life of a front-line soldier as closely (and as safely) as possible.

  • Attention: New recruits should first contact unit leadership prior to purchasing any kit.