Recreation Photos 2003-2007 - Page 2

Photographs taken at our reenactment events

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Trying to stay cool in the trenches, April 2004.


Sgt. Contamine takes cover during an attack in no-man's-land, April 2004.




A flare casts a strange light across a smoke-filled no-man's-land, April 2004.

No-Man's-Land at Night

Flares light up the night as the Germans make a night-attack, April 2004.

Under Attack

April 2004.


No-man's-land at dusk through a loop-hole, April 2004.

Smoke and Fire

No-man's-land at dusk, April 2004.

Smoke and Fire

Jean Contamine, in the rear waiting to march into the line, April 2004.

Waiting to Move Up

Sgt. Contamine poses in front of the unit's bunker, June 2004.

Infantryman, 1915

Sdt. Arnoux watching for the enemy at dusk, April 2004.

Look-Out Duty

Lt. William tries to get some sleep in the bunker, April 2004.


Sgt. Contamine rests in the bunker, April 2004.

Getting off the feet

Jean Contamine prepares for a movie-filming at Fort de Montbré, France, November 2004.

Tying Leg Wraps

Jean Contamine in a living history at Fort de Seclin, France, October 2004.

Representing in France

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