Reenacting Videos

The following selection of videos were taken during various events at Newville, PA. While some clips do not show the 151e R.I., they do give an indication of what goes on at our Newville events.

        Promotional slideshow for the 151 RI.                 "Scenes from the front." November 2013.


Promotional video for the GWA.

Germans attack, French counter-attack.         Allied Battalion steps off, the French march the best.  

Night attacks at Newville. While there's not much to see, the audio is good.

    Fighter plane passes over American trench.                         Dogfight over trenches.  

Dogfight followed by bombardment of Allied line.

German attack against the Allied line. The fighting is heaviest beginning around the 1:15 mark when the Germans hit the French line.

Promo video made by the Great War Aeroplanes Association featuring flyovers at Newville.

Video montage of combat scenes from the film "A Very Long Engagement."