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Photographs taken at our reenactment events

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The French company marches into the Allied Battalion formation, November 2010.

March to formation

Sdt. Bois sips a cup of

Here comes the rain

Cpl. Picard with un bleuet, Sdt. Dupuis, April 2011.

Old and new hands

Sgt. Contamine, April 2011.

Nice weather

The bleuet tests his luck, April 2011.

Regardez la tete!

Two American medics in an attack in a foggy and smoky conquered German trench, April 2011.

Sammies with masks

Le cabot takes his portion from Sdt. Bois' pinard, April 2011.

Une rabiot

Sdt Bois perhaps suffering from the effects of lice, April 2011.

A little lower

Sdt. Dupuis in la cagna, April 2011

Some down time

In formation, April 2011.

French company

Two poilus of the 18th R.I., April 2011.

Trying to stay dry

Poilus of the 18th R.I., April 2011.


In formation with la Legion Russe, April 2011.

French company

April 2011.

Relating stories

Two poilus of the 18th R.I. have a sit in a conquered German trench, April 2011.

Taking a breather

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