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Photographs taken at our reenactment events

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The men wait for the command,

Waiting to Go Over the Top

Entrenching fatigue interrupted by German attack using gas.

Here They Come!

The unit continues its march up to the line, April 2005.

Relief March

A flare casts a strange light across a smoke-filled no-man's-land, April 2004.

No-Man's-Land at Night

Dawn--three cold, weary soldiers after having caught only a few hours rest in the trenches, April 2005.


Flares light up the night as the Germans make a night-attack, April 2004.

Under Attack

April 2004.


Sgt. Jean Contamine tries to stay warm and dry after a miserable wet night, April 2006.

Le Sous-Off'

No-man's-land at dusk, April 2004.

Smoke and Fire

Lt. Matt Williamson inspects the troops at morning formation, April 2005.


Cpl. Picard, Sdt. Convard and Sgt. Contamine stand amongst the ruins of a destroyed barn, April 2006.


Cpl. Picard and Sdt. Martin searching for targets under the rain, April 2006.


Sgt. Contamine in the bunker wearing his cold weather garments, April 2005.

Ready for Night

Mess-man. The always cheery Cpl. Picard, brings up the unit's supper, November 2005.


Sgt. Contamine in a small shelter dug into trench wall - Newport News, VA, March 2005

Burrowing In

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