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Sdt. Rouland in the Poste d'Observation, April 2014.

Manning the P.O.

Sdt. Rouland, April 2014

Up on the firestep

Manning the fire-step as a German infantry attack advances on the Allied lines, April 2014.

Aux armes!

April 2014

BEF sector

A portion of No-Man's-Land at Newville, April 2014.


Cpl. Picard beside a distribution of shoe polish and boots, April 2014.

La distrib'

April 2014

French sector

Sdt. Coulon, April 2014

The trench

The 151e RI is comes under attack, April 2014

Fire away

April 2014

BEF sector

Work weekend, October 2014

Well-earned meal

April 2014

Poste d'Observation

Sgt. Contamine stands beside a repaired belt of barbed-wire, Work Weekend, October 2014.


An anxious Cpl. Picard waits to advance into the attack, April 2014.

Waiting to advance

Sgt. Contamine takes a turn dropping a mortar round down the tube, April 2014.

Hang it!

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