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Photographs taken at our reenactment events

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The men wait for the command,

Waiting to Go Over the Top

Sdt. J. Hauser and his father, Sdt. J. Hauser (territorial) - June 2004.

Father and Son

The unit's bunker, April 2003.

Comrades Stop for a Photo

Entrenching fatigue interrupted by German attack using gas.

Here They Come!

Mathieu William shows off his zouave kit, June 2004.

Zouave, 1915

The unit lines up at the GWA morning formation, April 2003.

Morning Formation

1915 Impressions, June 2004.

Comrades Pose For a Photo

Sdt. Arnoux at Reveille, April 2004.

Shaking Off the Dirt

Lt. William looks over the German lines, April 2003.

Scanning the Horizon

Relief march, June 2003.

Going Up to the First Line

Sdt. Hernandez looks for targets, June 2003.

The Look-Out

Sdt. Schech honing his hunting skills, April 2003.

Taking Aim

Sdt. Broomall distributes rations in the bunker, June 2003.

Ration Distribution

Lt. William in the British lines, June 2003.

An Officer and a Dug-Out, 1915

Sdts. Fagot and Hauser have a smoke next to a collapsed section of trench, April 2003.

Trench collapse

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