Recreation Photos 2003-2007 - Page 8

Photographs taken at our reenactment events

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Cpl. Picard, Sdt. Convard and Sgt. Contamine stand amongst the ruins of a destroyed barn, April 2006.


Cpl. Picard searches for a target through a periscope as Sdt. Martin at a loophole acts as the shooter, April 2006.

Sniping team

Cpl. Picard and Sdt. Martin searching for targets under the rain, April 2006.


Sgt. Contamine cleans the mud and water from the mirrors of a periscope, April 2006


Cpl. Mathieu Picard tries to get out of the cold rain, April 2006.

Rain, rain, rain..

Sgt. Contamine and Cpl. Picard accept their soggy fate, April 2006.


Sdt. Convard and Sgt. Contamine, April 2006.

Wet evening

A small stream forms in the battlefield, April 2006.


Sdt. Guillaume Martin, April 2006.

Forboding sky

Cpl. Picard and Sdt. Martin in the rear, April 2006.


Sdt. Convard fills out a post card to his friends back home, April 2006.

Writing home

Sdts. Martin and Convard, April 2006.

Drying out

Sgt. Contamine and Cpl. Picard with sore-backs and soggy clothes, April 2006.

Les Chefs

A water-filled shell-hole on the battlefield, April 2006.


Sgt. Jean Contamine, Battle of the Somme event, October 2006.

Le Pied Poses

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