Recreation Photos 2008 - Page 2

Photographs taken at our reenactment events

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Soldat Schech brings up a log for revetting, passing a sign that reads


Machine-gunners of the 18 R.I. waiting for the enemy infantry attack, April 2008.


A marksman from the 18th R.I. picks off the last survivors of an ill-fated German attack, April 2008.

Boche attack

Soldiers of the 151st prepare to launch themselves into the attack, April 2008.

To the parapet

The 151st cuts through barbed-wire obstacles to clear the way for the main assault force following behind, April 2008.

Breaching the wire

Struggling to make it back with a wounded comrade as a

Struggle back

The American assault force follows the French element in the dash to the enemy lines, April 2008.


Sgt. Contamine and Sdt. Schech help each other back to the first-aid post following an attack, April 2008.

Walking wounded

Blood pools off of a bandage as the rain begins to fall, April 2008.

Sombre morning

Bloody bandages remain in the trench in the wake of an attack, April 2008.

Grim sight

A pool of blood mixes with mud in a morning shower, April 2008.

Grim sight

April 2008.

Equipment still life

April 2008.

Looking for targets

Sdt. Maillard, April 2008.

Posed and ready

April 2008.

Tranchee de Rancourt

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