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Sgt. Contamine drills the men, Fort Mifflin, March 2014


Fort Mifflin, March 2014

Equipment displays

Fort Mifflin, March 2014

Troop barracks

Fort Mifflin, March 2014

Timeline of French soldiers

November 2014

Sdt. Pernot

A flare lights up the sky as the men watch for the enemy, November 2014


Sdts. Bourgeois, Arnouil, and Croissant, November 2014


Sdt. Maillard lords over his supplies of shoe polish, towels, and mail, November 2014

Le Fourrier

November 2014

Contamine and Riton

Sdt. Nicolas and the 151e RI in formation for the Friday saftey meeting, November 2014

In Formation

Sdts. Riton and Dujardin present arms in a ceremony to mark the start of the war 100 years ago, November 2014

Honor Guard

Lieut. Cartier leads the 18e RI and the rest of the company up to the front lines, November 2014

Bataillon Francais on the march

Members of the 372nd IR US, les Mains Rouges, in formation, November 2014

372 IR US

Sdts. Nicolas and Maillard, November 2014

Le Brancardier et le Bricheton

A plane banks over the battlefield, November 2014

Air cover

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