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Photographs taken at our reenactment events

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Picard unwinds with the paper as Contamine and  Martin wash up in a stream, April 2007.

Soldier's bath

Making final preparations in the final minutes before a raid, November 2007.

The tense wait

Sdt. Jean Bouchez, November 2007.

Le Bonnehomme

Sdt. Bouchez and Cpl. Picard, November 2007.

Sac au dos

Sdt. Guillaume Martin mans the observation post, November 2007.

Le Guetteur

Sgt. Contamine cleans the mud and water from the mirrors of a periscope, April 2006


Sgt. Contamine and Cpl. Picard with sore-backs and soggy clothes, April 2006.

Les Chefs

It's like a junkpile grew legs and started walking off. Sgt. Contamine, Battle of the Somme event, October 2006.

Walking junk pile

Sdts. Jean Bouchez and Guillaume Martin, November 2006.

Brining up the bread

Sdt. Martin, November 2006.

Having a smoke

The Red Hands of the U.S. 372nd IR, with Sgt. Contamine, November 2006.

Friendship in arms

An Allied fighter plane (Sopwith Camel) flies over the battlefield, November 2006.

Eyes in the skies

The Nieuport on a bombing run over the German lines, November 2006.

Air power

Cpl. Picard, Sgt. Contamine, Sdt. Bouchez and Sdt. Martin pose for a photo in front of the


An Allied plane flies over the battlefield, November 2006.

One last pass

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