Death and Mutilation - Page 10

These images are shown in the deepest respect of those depicted.

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Shells explode on the horizon in this photo taken in Champagne.

Champagne front

Ruined house in Albert

The desolate landscape around Verdun.

Verdun wasteland

Chemin des Dames

The body of an artillerist whose head was crushed in a shelter at Vauquois.

Death of an artillerist

Destroyed chateau.


Albert Basilica interior

Saint Berthe Ravine and the Ailette Valley.

Chemin des Dames

Mine crater in Champagne


Human remains decomposing in and alongside a shell-hole.

Remains beside a shell-hole

A human leg blasted into the air by a shell, hangs macabrely from a tree.

Leg in tree

The mutilated remains of a man lies in a horse cart.

Body in cart

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