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These images are shown in the deepest respect of those depicted.

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Wooden crosses adorn fresh graves near Verdun.

Les Croix des Bois

French corpses piled up in the Argonne.

French corpses

See the following photos.

Soldiers next to road embankment, before attack, Somme

This is nearly the same position as photographed before, now after a bombardment.

The road embankment, Somme

This is a reverse angle of the same positions photographed previously.

The road embankment, Somme

Dead German soldiers.

Blackened German corpses

French and German corpses.

French and German corpses.

Note that the dead French soldiers piled up on the sides of the trench wear the new horizon-blue uniforms while the relieving unit retains the old uniform.

The relieving unit

Territorials collect the dead for burial in the rear, Champagne.

Dead cart

Some medics matter-of-factly discussing something amid the carnage.

Surveying the carnage

A shell apparently landed on top of this man driving his body into the earth and crushing his legs.

Direct hit

This soldier was blown into a tree by a shell blast.

Dead body in a tree

Another soldier blown into a tree by a shell blast.

Dead body in tree, Avocourt (Verdun)

German rifleman takes cover next to some half-buried French corpses.

Verdun, 1916

Verdun, 1916


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