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Joseph Lesage

Relief March

Cover art of trench paper by Joseph Lesage

"Le Mouchoir"

Joseph Lesage

Field Kitchen on the Move

Relief in the early morning in front of la Maisonette, November 1916 by Jean Droit

The Mud of the Somme

Pierre Lissac

The Territorial

G. Pierri

Army on the Move

G. Michel

My Trench at Noulette, Dec 1914

At Bovettes on the Chemin des Dames, 15 March 1916 by Lucien Laby

First Aid Post


Georges Scott

Prisoners of War, 1914

Francois Flameng

Projectors and Flares near Nieuport, 1915

Charles Oberthur

Night Resupply, June 1915

Passing through a village, the Somme, February 1917 by Charles Hoffbauer

Infantry Relief

Christopher Nevinson

Returning To The Trenches

System 'D'

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