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These images are posted in respectfully memory to those represented.

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A skirmish line digging fighting positions in 1918.


An American military band playing in July 1918. These are black American troops who served in US army units assigned to French divisions (note their French equipment).

And the band played on

These are black American troops, who served in US army units assigned to French divisions, receiving machine-gun instruction from French instructors in July 1918. Note also their French equipment.

French MG training for Americans

This photo gives a good idea of the early rudimentary trenches, which first appeared in the fall of 1914.

Early-war trench

An incredible photo of a ration party bounding back up to the lines between salvoes of shells at Verdun in Sept. 1916.

Dodging shells

The wide use of gas at the front necessitated the use of gas masks for animals as well. July 1917.

Horses with gas masks

This soldier has come up with an ingenious, if not personally restrictive, way to keep rats from disrupting his sleep.

Rat cage

A column of French infantry marches past a group of British troops.

Marching through town

Cyclists and cavalrymen waiting to transmit orders in March 1918.


Photo taken during the assault on Dompierre (Somme) 1 July 1916 and showing two signal men using semaphores to signal to artillery observers.

Signaling to arty

Photo taken during the assault on Dompierre (Somme) 1 July 1916. The second wave waits in a trench with the first waves visible in the distance. The man on the right holds a semaphore and additional signal men can be seen in the distance marking the progr

Assault in progress

Photo taken during the assault on Dompierre (Somme) 1 July 1916, immediately after seizing the German Trench

Digging in

The photo on the left shows a trench in Champagne prior to a bombardment, while the one on the right shows the effects of shelling on the same trench. Note the chicken-wire erected to deflect enemy grenades.

Before and after

These men are sporting the Adrian shoulder guards, which were produced in great numbers during spring and summer of 1916, before being taken out of service in the same year. This photo was likely taken in the fall or winter of 1915-16.

Adrians on their shoulders

A trench in the mountainous Vosges region. Photo taken by Frantz Adam, 1915.

Snow and sold

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