Recreation Photos 2003-2007 - Page 11

Photographs taken at our reenactment events

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Sdt. Bouchez shelters from the sun, April 2007.

Observation post

Sdt. Petit, April 2007.

Petit's cibiche

Picard unwinds with the paper as Contamine and  Martin wash up in a stream, April 2007.

Soldier's bath

One man rests as another watches the enemy at the observation post, April 2007.

Hot day

April 2007.

Still hot

Making final preparations in the final minutes before a raid, November 2007.

The tense wait

Sdt. Martin observes the objective of a raid in the final minutes before going over the top, November 2007.

Preparing to go over the top

The Germans open an infantry assault on the French lines with preliminary gas attack, November 2006.

Bad omen

Sdt. Bouchez unwinds in the bunker after a long day, November 2006.

In the "cagna"

Sdt. Martin in the bunker, November 2006.

In the "cagna"

A memorial to our dear friend Sdt. Justin Hauser (Justin Hoover), erected in November 2006.

Justin's Cross

Cpl. Picard, Sgt. Contamine, Sdt. Bouchez and Sdt. Martin pose for a photo in front of the


After having his foot smashed with a roughly 75 lb ceramic jug of water (fun, fun), Sgt. Contamine takes a much needed rest, November 2006.


Sgt. Contamine and Cpl. Picard bear their wine-stained teeth in this happiest of moments...the end of the event, November 2006.

All better

A plane flies over the darkened tree tops, November 2006.

Stalking the battlefield

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