Recreation Photos 2003-2007 - Page 12

Photographs taken at our reenactment events

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Sdt. Jean Bouchez, November 2007.

Le Bonnehomme

Cpl. Picard and Sgt. Contamine head up to the front, November 2007.

Up to the line

Cpl. Mathieu Picard and Sgt. Jean Contamine, November 2007.

Les Sous-Offs

Sdt. Bouchez and Cpl. Picard, November 2007.

Sac au dos

Sdt. Bouchez shows off his sewing skills, Sdt. Bouchez and Cpl. Picard, November 2007.

Patching up the kit

Sdt. Guillaume Martin mans the observation post, November 2007.

Le Guetteur

Units of the Battalion Fran├žais (BF) form up for morning drill, November 2007.

Morning formation

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