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Photographs taken at our reenactment events

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Fort Mifflin, March 2013.

Sgt. Contamine by firelight

Smoking pipes in the subterranean vaults of Fort Mifflin. This particular room was an old prison cell. Fort Mifflin, March 2013.

Smoke break

Sdt. Cardet and Sdt. Rouland in a subterranean passage at Fort Mifflin, March 2013.

Passing through

Fort Mifflin, March 2013.

Two 1915 poilus

The 151 showing the evolution of the French infantry kit bteween 1915 and 1918. Fort Mifflin, March 2013.

Timeline of the French soldier

La cagna du 151 RI. Newville,  April 2013.

Home away from home

The French company marches to the battalion formation, Newville, April 2013.

Marching up

French company at formation. Newville, April 2013.


Two poilus man an advanced post in a shell-hole. Newville, April 2013.

Advanced post

Sgt. Contamine in 1916 kit at the end of the French company work weekend. Newville, September 2013.

1916 poilu

Sdt. Nicolas in 1915 ersatz kit at the end of the French company work weekend. Newville, September 2013.

Cords all around!

A group of soldats spend their francs judiciously at the French company co-op shop, Nov. 2012.

Co-op portrait

Cpl. Picard in front of the 151 cagna. Newville, November 2013.


An eerie and macabre vision. The smoke still clears from a bursting arty round as some of our comrades laying partially buried under debris. Nov. 2012.

Effects of arty fire

Cpl. Picard and Sdt. Boutroix read letters from home, Nov. 2012.


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