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Photographs taken at our reenactment events

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Sdt. Cardet of the 18 RI and Sgt. Contamine. Newville, November 2013.

Sdt. Cardet and Sgt. Contamine

Members of the 151 RI and 18 RI. Newville, November 2013.

Frères en armes

Subterranean barracks hall at Fort Mifflin.

Barracks hall

Sdt. Rouland mans the poste d'observation. April 2014.

Sunset guard duty

Manning the fire-step as a German infantry attack advances on the Allied lines, April 2014.

Aux armes!

Singing and eating at Fort Mifflin, 2014.

Mess hall

Sgt. Contamine takes cover during an assault on the German lines as an Allied fighter plane swoops down (just out of frame), November 2014

En avant!

Sdt. Bodin mans his post in the large mine crater, April 2014.


December 2014.

Les bonhommes

April 2014

French formation

Sdt. Coulon reaches for his rifle own a cold dawn.

Foggy morning

Sdt. Nicolas demonstrates the proper grenade throwing technique to a member of the public.

Hand grenade school

April 2014

Passing time

Cpl. Picard looks out across NML, April 2014.

A keen eye

Cpl. Picard sits among his gear, April 2014.

Guardian angel

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