Death and Mutilation - Page 3

These images are shown in the deepest respect of those depicted.

Shot while in the action of throwing a grenade.

Slain German

These men died hideous deaths at the front.

Mutilated German corpses

German dead in a trench.

Glorious Death

German dead

Killed by shell-fire

French dead piled up in mass grave.

Mass grave

French soldier decapitated.


Dead French soldier missing legs, Verdun.


The greusome harvest on the Marne battlefield.

Dead in the Marne

These men take a rest amidst the ever-present carnage.

Stretcher bearers

French soldier walking through a newly conquered trench.

Inspecting the aftermath

Destroyed Renault tank and dead French soldier.

Man and machine

The destroyed city of Ypres.


An impromptu barricade constructed on carts and a horse carcasse.


Calvary troopers detailed to bury a horse, 1914.

Horse burial

The horrible effect of modern weaponry on the human body.

Facial wound

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