Death and Mutilation - Page 4

These images are shown in the deepest respect of those depicted.

A soldier casually examines a skull.


Two men carry out a wounded comrade.


A foot projects out of a trench wall, a make-shift cross marking the grave.

Trench grave

Destruction wrought on the Aisne countryside, 1917.


Soldiers shelter as best they can in exposed wasteland.

The Death Ravine, Verdun

The destroyed village of Dixmude (Somme), 1916.


Near Lihions, 1914.

Dead officer

Verdun, 1916.

Ermitage Ravine

French soldiers inspect the crash of a German plane at Verdun, 1916.

Downed German plane

Human remains on Le Mort Homme, Verdun, 1916.

Is it flesh or mud?

Location unknown.

Shelled church

A small military cemetery stands in front of a destroyed church.

Shelled church

The sad remains of an abby.

Interior of a shelled church

The bodies of French soldiers are packed tight into a mass grave.

Mass grave

The body of horse fulng high into a tree by a shell blast.

Horse cadavre

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