Death and Mutilation - Page 7

These images are shown in the deepest respect of those depicted.

These men occupied a position literally crushed by German shell-fire.

French dead killed by shell fire

The shell ravaged Fort Douaumont from the air, showing the annihilating effects of the artillery bombardments at Verdun. 10 Oct. 1916.

Fort Douaumont

German remains lie amongst the debris at Verdun.

German remains

Almost lost in the devastation, a group of French stretcher-bearers bearing a wounded man across Hill 304 on the Left Bank of the Meuse, Verdun.

Hill 304

The body of a French soldier lies beside that of a German, at Combles (Somme) in October 1916.

United in death

A wounded French soldier is helped to the rear by some comrades, January 1915.

Shoulders to lean on

An incredible image of a mummified skull of a German soldier lying beside unrecognizable remains at Bois du Sommet (Somme). Photo taken by Loy Roux, Sept. 1916.

Mummified skull

Sgt. Albert Pierre of the 23e RI is given an funeral with full honors just behind the front lines. Photo taken by Frantz Adam, at La Harazée Sept. 1916.


French dead laid out in a mass-grave awaiting burial. Photo taken by Frantz Adam, July 1918.

Burial trench

A soldiers stands in the bottom of a crater made by a large caliber shell.

Large shell-crater

A soldier slain beside a hastily constructed rifle-pit at Muy-en-Multien (Marne).

Marne dead

Remains of German soldiers piled up in the Death Ravine at Verdun.

The Death Ravine

Piles of human remains collected just after the war for interment in the temporary ossuary at Douaumont, Verdun.

Mountains of bones

A French soldier wearing a mourning arm band poses beside a skull.

Posing with a skull

French dead collected for burial at Rancourt (Somme) in September 1916.

Rancourt dead

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