Death and Mutilation - Page 6

These images are shown in the deepest respect of those depicted.

Fontaines Ravine in the Caurieres Wood (Verdun), 4 February 1917.

Field of battle

A destroyed home.


On the Vaux route, near Chapelle Sainte-Fine (Verdun), 27 February 1917.

A pathetic little corner

Route from Douaumont to the town of Verdun, 20 February 1917.


This soldier died from his exposure to mustard gas.

Mustard gas victim


Death Ravine


Gueules casée

An amazing series of six gueules casée, showing the recuperation from their wounds.

Gueules casée

A stretcher-bearer props up a dead German soldier.

German dead

A lonely grave adorned with a cockade.

Soldier's grave

Civilians upkeep a grave plot.

Grave plot

French soldiers awaiting burial.

Awaiting burial

A wounded French soldier killed and mostly buried by a shell blast. Verdun 1916.

Buried by a shell

Photo taken in a conquered German trench just after an attack in early 1915. Amongst the dead one man collects German helmets as souvenirs.

Conquered trench

A sentry looks out over the devastated hills of Les Éparges, pocked with shell-holes and massive mine craters, 1916.

Les Éparges

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