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Georges Scott

The Trucks of Verdun, 1916

'Each bottle contains a sheet of paper with the name of the soldier written on it' by Jean Lefort

Graves of Camrades

Georges Scott

Transformation of the French Infantryman

On the Artois front, 
February 1916 by Jean Lefort

Transport of Material for the Trenches

Luc Sante


Georges Scott

The 'Sacred Way'


Waiting to Go Over the Top




Georges Scott

French Prisoners of War

A French Armored Car Mistakenly Drives Into a German Occuppied Town, by Georges Scott

French Armored car

Francois Flameng

A Park Gate of Plessis-de-Roye Chateau, 1918

'The trench clear, one lies down 10 meters beyond the trench; opens fire on the following trench, and when the line is reformed the assault goes on'. By Andre Laffargue

Rally After Going Over the Top

'At 60 meters, the charge; the rifle is brought down level with the belt; one runs straight at the enemy trench; every enemy soldier who rises out of the trench receives a rifle shot'. By Andre Laffargue

The Charge

Léon Broquet

Artillery Bogged Down

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