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Ernest Gabard - 29 February 1916

The Hut, Bethelainville Wood

Pascault Douy

Construction of Barbed-Wire

Francois Flameng

Craonne, Chemin des Dames (Aisne)

Georges LeRoux

In the Conquered Trench

Ernest Gabard



Trench Shelter, 1914

Cover art for 20 cent novel by Leon Croc

Gas Attack

Ernest Gabard

The NCO's Hut, Le Manège

A Bad Passage:

Second Winter in the Trenches

Bernard Naudin

A 'Relief'

Vailly (Aisne), April 1917 by Francois Flameng

Armored Shelter

Georges Scott, 1915

Advice from a Veteran

Jean Lefort

Liaison Agent Crossing the Yser

Francois Flameng

Attack on the Yser by 1st and 51st D.I.s

Octobre 1917 by Luc Albert Moreau

Chemin des Dames Attack

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