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Paintings and drawings made during the war, mostly by the combattants themselves

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The Yser between __ by Jean Lefort


Scene of Billet Life by Leon Broque

The Squall at Sillery, Champagne

Ernest Gabard

The Rolling Kitchens

Georges Barriere

Le Cafard ("The 'Blues'")

Lucien Laby

The Sunken Road in Front of Morval

An Evening in the Shack, 3 January 1916 by Georges Barrière

The Thumb of the 'Hand of Main de Massiges' (Champagne)

Near Lihons (Somme) by Francois Flameng

Resupply in the Trenches

March 1917 by Georges Scott

The Notification, Noyon

Pierre Lissac

Return from Leave

Jean Lefort

The Carriage

Georges Scott

The Resupplier

Leon Broque

The Look-Outs

Near Peronne, 1916 by Francois Flameng

The Ruins of the Church of Dompierre (Somme)

Georges LeRoux

Road 'Grandpas'

Joseph Lesage

Splitting Frozen Bread

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