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Paintings and drawings made during the war, mostly by the combattants themselves

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G. Fremond.

Boche Counter-Attack

25 February 1916 by Ernest Gabard

Bivouac Fire in Bethelainville Wood

Night of 25-26 March 1916 by Francois Flameng

Bombardment of Verdun with Incindiary shells

Somme 1916 by Francois Flameng

Billet in the Church d''Herbeville

'Boche Wood,' Noulette, December 1914 by Geo Michel

In the Communication Trench

Georges Leroux

In the Fire Trench, Observer

Chalons-sur-Marne, 4 January 1919 by Jean Lefort

Departure of the Demobilized

31 July 1917 by Francois Flameng

Between Ypres and Bixhaete, 31 July

At the Main de Massiges [Champagne] by Francois Flameng

Fight of the 26 Sept. 1915

Francois Flameng

First-Aid Post at Ablain-Saint-Nazaire

'French flare, launched from a trench illuminated by a German flare,' by Georges LeRoux.

French Flare

'It’s for you that all these men live, for years, exposed to all elements, in holes, in the mud, in the midst of vermin and rats. There isn’t a period in history where the soldier has dealt with a life as cruel as this,' by Georges Redon.


“They think of you and say: ‘Fortunately, the little ones don’t see this.’ ” by Georges Redon.


Francois Flameng

In Flanders

25 April 1917 by Francois Flameng

‘In Roucy Wood (Aisne): The Poilus Bathroom on the Eve of Battle

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