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These images are posted in respectfully memory to those represented.

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Photo taken during an actual assault. The column in the foreground waits in reserve as echeloned waves of assault troops advance.

Open-warfare fighting formation, 1918

Late-war (1917-18) photo taken in a studio.

Soldiers of the actual 151e R.I.

Some poilus gather around a brazier for warmth in a dugout.

Warming up

Soldiers take cover from an exploding shell.


Photo taken during an actual attack.


Bread produced by field bakeries being distributed to the 'cooks'.

Bread distribution

These men pose with their regimental flag in a rare color photo.

Arms and colors

Soldiers sit down for a meal in the trench.

Meal time

Photo taken after the hill was regained by the French.

Hill 304, Verdun, 1917

Troops outfitted in their fatigue uniforms which were only worn in the rear.

Fatigue uniforms

A small cooking fire in a trench.

Cooking fire

Mess-man bringing up some wine.



Quintessential poilu

This look-out, covered in winter and waterproof garments, sits down with his much deserved meal. Nieuport.

Meal time for the Look-Out

Soldiers setting up in a fox-holes along the roadside. They wear assault rolls tied around their chests.

Open-warfare fighting, 1918

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