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These images are posted in respectfully memory to those represented.

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Some poilus make the best of a precarious raft.


These exhausted men from the 165th RI are only too ready to leave the front.

Coming off the line, Les Eparges, 1916

These young soldiers have not yet seen combat.

Off to war, Paris, August 1914

Rare color photo of troops socializing.

Veterans, 1915

Riflemen, automatic riflemen (Chauchat), hand and rifle grenadiers.

Late-war combat group, 1916-17

poilus 13

Relief march

These men are making a section of wattle.

Constructing a wattle

poilus 15

Returning from a chore

These exhausted soldiers endlessly march on in a race to check the German advance in the Marne.

Retreat from Charleroi, 1914

Vivien-Bessiere rifle grenade launcher.

V.B. rifle-grenadier

Photo taken during an actual attack. Soldiers had to constantly wear their knapsacks into the attack as the war of movement returned.

Open-warfare fighting, 1918.

Soldiers at rest--eating, smoking and playing cards.


poilus 21

Full marching order

Note the man carrying  a bugle on his pack. The man to his right wears a German canteen, while the man behind carries a signalling lamp.

Men of Verdun, 1916

Photo taken during an actual attack. Columns lie prone in reserve as an assault wave [center background, behind the bush] advances. A medic lies down facing the camera in the center of the frame.

Open-warfare fighting formation, 1918.

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