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These images are posted in respectfully memory to those represented.

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A grave in the Yser sector. Note the camouflage screen erected.

Yser grave

Curious civilians go to check out a downed zeppelin.


Colonial troops of the 5e RIC, 1916.


Parade for 14 July 1917 ceremonies in Paris.

On Parade

Colonial troops of the 23e RIC, 1916.


Camouflaged 305 mm rail gun

305 mm rail gun

380 mm gun in action

380 mm rail gun

A true behemouth

400 mm rail gun

Hotchkiss machine-gun set up to fire against aircraft.

AA rig

Barbed-wire entanglements.


Soldiers of the 367e RI in 1917

Black French troops

A well-constructed trench revetted with planks. Note the grenade blocks protruding above the trench.

Boarded trench

British and French troops work to free some horses from a flooded shell-hole.

Working with Brits

Troops resting in a bunker.

Bunker hang-out

A truck-bazar offers small provisions for sale to troops in the support lines.


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