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These images are posted in respectfully memory to those represented.

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A soldier in the Parcy Forest in a gas alarm exercise, donning a P@ pad and goggles.

P2 mask

A group of soldiers donning TN gas masks and sheepskins presents a truly strange sight. An incredible juxtaposition of antiquity and modernity. The men have written their names in chalk to identify themselves. (Dec. 1915)

TN gas masks

A column of Renault tanks (1918)


A disabled Schneider tank. (1918)


A photo of the writer Gabriel Chevallier, author of 'Fear'.

Gabriel Chevallier

Men on a crap detail -- moving a portable latrine at camp.

Portable latrine

A group of territorials prepares barbed-wire bundles to be carried up to the front.

Preparing wire

Signal rockets beside a fortified observation post.




A soldier reads a letter at the entrance to an underground shelter in Champagne.


Soldiers take a moment to engage in frivolous snowball fight.

Snowball fight

A musician prepares the meal in Boutheons.

Preparing the meal

Soldiers requisition a set of fine hats in an abandoned village. One, lacking anything finer, is even wearing a hat box.

Going out on the town

A wine ration is brought up along a small-gauge rail, pulled by a team of horses.

Bringing up the pinard

A somewhat posed shot in an advanced post, with soldiers wearing winter gear including sheepskins and trench boots.


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