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These images are posted in respectfully memory to those represented.

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French soldiers take cover in roadside ditch in 1914.

Fighting from cover

A humorous photo taken in 1916.

Ready to fight

Making their way through French wire into the attack.

Into the attack

A small shelter in a snowy trench at Eparges.

Snowy trench

Men of the 152 RI rest after an attack in Argonne and share a cup of pinard. Note the early style raquette grenades suspended from the belt of the man on the right and the shell lodged in the tree.

Resting after an attack

Zouaves react as a shell explodes near their trench at Fort de la Pompelle.

Fort de la Pompelle


French 'guitounes' bequeathed by the builders as

Villa des Poilus

Men of the 48 RI donning M2 gas masks in the spring of 1916.

Gas masks on

Sandbag shelters

The bodies of those cut down in the barbed-wire.

Bodies in the wire

Steel enwrapped wooden trench mortars (257 mm), known as tuyau de poĂȘle, firing a projectile 1.3 m long.

Improvised mortars

The hardened faces of these young pioupiou of 1914 show that these men have already faced tough campaigning.

The boys of '14

Moving a cheval de frise into place without risking harm.

Cheval de frise

Two men sit at the listening post.

On duty

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