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These images are posted in respectfully memory to those represented.

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An intense (though perhaps staged) photo of a French company advancing. An accurate depiction of 1914 fighting.

Firing line

A group of soldiers recuperating after carrying out an attack in Champagne.


Processing German officer POWs, 1915.

German POWs

British and French soldiers sharing a trench, 1915.

Tommies et Poilus

Spahis of the French army, 1914.

Algerian spahis

Reinforcements moving up to the front lines in the Argonne.


Though not trapped in the trenches like the infantry, this photo shows the exposed positions field artillerymen had to occupy.

75 mm gun positions

A zouave looks out of a camouflaged periscope.


Note the rubberized kepi on the man seated at right. Ca. late 1914 / early 1915.

Lunch time!

These men submit to an inspection to ensure they put their P2s and goggles on correctly, ca. late 1915.

Mask inspection

A column parades past the camera with regimental colors unfurled.

En avant...marche!

Combat photo of French troops (possibly 152 RI) advance up the scarred slope of a hill in the Argonne.

Up the hill!

Late 1914.

Large periscope

A bramble of wire-entanglements protect this shabby trench.


A posed photo of troops mounting the makeshift fire-step.

Ready to attack

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