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These images are posted in respectfully memory to those represented.

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Belgium, ca. fall 1914



Combat photo of French troops (possibly 152 RI) advance up the scarred slope of a hill in the Argonne.

Up the hill!

A trench cuts through the street of a devastated village, ca. 1915.

Trench in street

The improvised crossbows carried by these men show the desperate yet resourceful nature of the French at the start of trench warfare, ca. late 1914.


French soldiers with an improvised fishing rod.


A chore party of the 64 RI pause for a photo, ca. summer or fall 1915.

64 RI

A section carries out assault exercises in the snow, late 1914.

Combat exercises

French butchers in the field.

Butchers at work

Old ammo crates have been used as revetment in this trench that also sports an armored observation turret.

Trench with armored observatory

An actual combat photo of zouaves advancing under fire in 1918.

Zouave charge

French Annamites (Indonesian troops) stand beside a well built guitoune.

Annamite Guitoune

Light projectors in a sheltered position.



A regiment marched along a road camouflaged be canvas screens near Glennes.

Camo screens

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