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These images are posted in respectfully memory to those represented.

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French troops playing cards in a bunker.

Playing cards

The improvised crossbows carried by these men show the desperate yet respurceful nature of the French at the start of trench warfare, ca. late 1914.


A makeshift xylophone using wine bottles.

Making music

Another example of an improvised crossbow.


Shelters built into an embankment.


Casks of pinard, Cote-de-Hures.

Wine supply


A soldier performing in a military theater in 1915.


Remains of a horse

All that's left

Jean sur Tourbe

Croix de bois

A group of Alpine Light Infantry in 1915.

Chasseurs aplin

A cook uses a rifle butt to crush coffee beans

Impromptu coffee grinder

Cyclists photographed in Sept. 1915.


Laundry day

Troops march by a idle convoy of trucks.

French trucks

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