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These images are posted in respectfully memory to those represented.

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These artisanle Frenchmen show how it's all done.

Making trench art

An above ground trench made from earth-filled crates.

Eparges trench

Field kitchens on the move

Wintry outpost

A rare example of a photo taken in an underground French dugout shows the primitive conditions to be found in the average front line shelter. Winter 1914-15.

The ubiquitous French dugout

A house has been taken over by troops to use as billets.

Billets in house

The humerous sign reads


French assault waves can be seen in this aerial combat photo taken over the Somme battlefield in 1916.

French attack on the Somme

Soldiers of the 5e Regiment d'Infanterie, 3 Aug. 1914

Mobilization Day

A column of French infantry on the march with the band and color guard in the lead, July 1918.

En route

A French soldier carries back a captured German machine-gun during an assault.

Captured Maxim

French troops go over the top in 1915.

Over the top

French signalers using fanions in the Eastern theater.


A group of reservists in August 1914. the lack of kepi covers indicate they have yet to receive orders to report to the fighting theater.

Reservists in 1914

Destroyed windmill

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