Death and Mutilation - Page 5

These images are shown in the deepest respect of those depicted.

A destroyed row of buildings.


A headless, limbless torso at Verdun, 1916.

Just a piece of meat

The remains of a once decorative piece of ironwork stands amongst the mutilated trunks of trees and flanked by two solitary crosses.

Riddled ironwork

This soldier was blown into a tree by a shell blast.

Dead body in a tree

A French

Dead cuistot

A group of civilians from the town of Gerbeviller, exectued by Germans as supposed resistance fighters, 1914.

Massacre of civilians

Two deadmen amongst the ruins of a building.

Standing corpse

A dead French soldier half-buried in a bombardment.

Buried by a shell

A German raiding party caught by a machine-gun, lies strewn out in no-man's-land.

Mowed down

German troops caught by an enfilading machine-gun fire lay piled up in a communication trench.


The charred corpses of American tankers.

Destroyed tank

The charred corpses of American tankers.

Destroyed tank

The mutilated body of an artillerist still mans his piece, Verdun.

Dead gunner

Chasseurs looks on a morbid scene after having conquered a German trench at Le Linge, Vosges.

Conquered trench

An aerial image of a French hospital bombed by German aircraft.

Bombed hospital

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