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These images are posted in respectfully memory to those represented.

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Soldiers marching through the streets of Paris on their way to the front, August 1914.

Marching off to war

The 12th BCA leading a grenade progression exercise in trenches, Camp Gondrecourt, August 1917.

Training Americans

The 12th BCA instructing Americans in the use of the Chauchat automatic-rifle, Camp Gondrecourt, August 1917.

Training Americans

A sniper in a tree camouflage outfit.


Resolved to hold their ground.

Holding on

A captured German blockhouse, now occupied by French soldiers.

Captured German blockhouse

A soldier stands beside a large-caliber rifle, probably an anti-armor gun.

High-powered rifle

Snipers take up position high up in a ruined building.


French troops march through an Italian villa as part of the French expeditionary force.

Marching through Italy

A 75 gun rigged up as an anti-aircraft gun, incorporating a tree trunk as a mount.

AA 75 canon

Le Mort Homme (Verdun), under bombardment, 1916.

Le Mort Homme

Soldiers at rest in a communication trench in Vidalet Wood, Marquises Farm sector, 4 June 1916.

Resting in the comm. trenches

The 12th BCA instructing Americans in the use of the VB rifle-grenade launcher, Camp Demange, 27 August 1917.

Training Americans

A soldier fills canteens at a water distribution depot in a support line trench near Navarin Farm (Chemin-des-Dames), 20 April 1916.

Water distribution depot

A wine ration arriving at Fort Douaumont by small-guage rail, 26 February 1917. From here the barrels will be rolled to a distribution depot.

Arrival of wine ration

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