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These images are posted in respectfully memory to those represented.

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Two territorials sit down for a meal with coffee at a train station, circa 1916.

Meal at a train station

An engineer shovels mud out of a trench, Nieuport 1915.

Tidying up the trench

A man emerges from the entrance to a listening post, Nieuport 1915.

Listening post

Two men bundle up against the cold, Nieuport 1915.

Bundling up

A unit of older reservists or territorials takes a short rest during a march, 1916.

A short break

A cook mounted on his field kitchen prepares a meal.

Roller and Cooky

A group of chasseurs at an American camp to instruct the young soldiers in the ways of trench warfare, circa 1918.

Sammies and Poilus

Territorials prepare meal in the streets of Paris, August 1914.

A meal on the Seine

A crew operates a 37 mm canon.

37 crew

A Chauchat gunner has improvised camouflage for his helmet using a sandbag.

Adrian camo

Soldiers playing cards and smoking pipes in a shelter.

A smoke and a game

A blinded soldier works on a piece of crochet.

Work for the blind

A massive rail gun camouflaged in the woods.

Camo train

A crew operates a 37 mm gun.

37 gun

Crapouilloteurs with their crapouillaux.


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