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These images are posted in respectfully memory to those represented.

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Soldiers don gas masks, Somme, 1915.


A group of soldiers pose with their gas masks, 1915.


A group of me lined up for mask inspection, 1916.

Gas mask inspection

A soldier prepares to fire a trench mortar or


A soldier struggles to put on his cumbersome pack, 1914.

Sac au dos!

These poilus are wearing assault rolls, which were used in place of packs for limited operations.

Assault rolls

An entrenchment at Ritour.


These men have arranged a make-shift hammock in their trench using tree limbs and a tent canvas. 1915.

Improv hammock

Soldiers duck as a shell impacts on the other side of an embankment, Verdun, 1916. (Note: this was actually from a filming done in the 1920s)

Shell blast

A squad occupies their freshly dug fox-holes along a roadside, Somme, 1918.


Several men wash up at their bath in Tahure.

Soldiers bath

A mixed force of British and French soldiers sits in freshly dug fox-holes, Somme, 1918.

Tommies and Poilus

Three vets display their medals.


Ration men passing through a devastated village.

Ration men

A soldiers stands in a snowy trench completely covered with barbed wired.

Wired trench

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