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These images are posted in respectfully memory to those represented.

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A row of Cellerier mortars -- improvised using spent artillery rounds affixed to wood sabots.


Soldiers rest next to a row of

Chevaux de frise

An army co-operative, selling wine, food and small nick-knacks to the men.


The co-operative of the 134th Brigade, selling wine, food and small nick-knacks to the men.

Co-op of the 134th Brigade

A group of engineers show off their new haircuts.


A post-war shot showing soldiers filling in the trenches with earth and debris.

Filling in trenches

A man stands at the ready next to a gas alarm.

Gas alarm

A humorous yet sobering sign reminding passers-by:

Gas sign

A grenade launcher adapted from a Gras rifle.

Improvised grenade launcher

An instructor demonstrates the correct aiming position taken before lobbing a grenade.

Grenade instruction

Another marvelous improvisation by French troops: a slingshot for grenades made from a tree limb. Fall 1914.

Grenade slingshot

The destruction around Haudraumont Wood (Verdun).

Haudraumont Wood

Five poilus of the 74th RI outfitted in new horizon-blue uniforms and helmet covers (early 1916).

New duds

A post-war shot of the victory celebration on 14 July 1919 showing piles of confiscated German guns.

Victory Celebration

A rare shot: a young soldier caught bursting into laughter after some joke, forever unknown to us.


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