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These images are posted in respectfully memory to those represented.

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A meal amongst friends

A memorial to the Franco-Prussian war of 1870.


Machine-gunners on training operations wearing Tissot gas masks. (1916)

MGs with Tissots

These two engineers appear as perfectly outfitted soldiers. (Nov. 1918)

Model soldiers

A work detail moves through a snowy trench in Nancy. Note the dog in the arm of the man in front that serves as both companion and rat-killer.

On detail

A camouflaged gun entrenched in the sand and covered with netting on the beaches of Nieuport, 1916.

Camo in the sand

An anonymous soldier dons a P2 gas mask and goggles. (1915)

P2 mask

A weary group of older reservists or territorials takes a brief rest while on the march. (1916)

A brief rest

A group of men wearing cold weather gear.

Winter gear

Infantrymen of the 23rd Co., 210th RI in the mountainous Vosges wearing large sheepskin jerkins to card against the frigid temperatures. (March 1915)

Sheepskin jerkins

Two engineer NCOs wearing sheep and goatskins

Engineer officers

A group of old territorials, poorly equipped and armed with obsolete Gras rifles but stalwart nonetheless. One wears a mourning arm band. (1914)


An engineer training with a P3 flame-thrower.


A group of artillery observers wearing camouflage frocks.

Artillery spotters

Soldiers of the 367th RI wearing assault rolls preparing to go into the attack at Orfeuil (Champagne) Oct. 1918. Note the man at center left carrying an ARS mask with a M2 as reserve.

Assault rolls

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