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These images are posted in respectfully memory to those represented.

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The troops in this photo are heavily burdened down with gear.

Relief march

Typical shelters dug into the walls of a trench with a tent canvas strung up for cover.

Light shelters, Verdun

Strong revetments were put in place with the surrounding trees offering an ample supply.

Thickly wattled trench, Argonne

Wattling and gabions constructed using the surrounding trees in ample supply.

Thickly wattled trench, Argonne

This photo displays the hodgepodge of material used in revetting a trench--planks, sandbags, chicken-wire, wattling. A small shelter is dug into the trench wall on the left with a tent cavas strung up as cover.

Trench, revetments and shelters

A look-out observes the enemy line via an armored trench shield.

Look-out, Nieuport, 1916

A look-out peering through a loophole.

Look-out, Champagne, 1915

One man observes while through a loophole while the other takes a break to smoke.

Look-outs, Verdun

This image is from a post-card dated 1908 and post-marked at Verdun. The uniform changed very little from how it would appear in 1914, giving a good idea of what the men of the regiment looked like when they marched off to war.

Soldiers from the actual 151e R.I. in 1908

A Runner emerges from a wattled shelter near Verdun.


An infantry regiment, packs stacked together, watch cavalry move by.

Road-side encampment

A bicyclist sits for a little rest.

A small rest

Heavy shelling has devastated the hill.  l'ermitage

Hill 108

The Ypres front.


A group of mess-men prepare to bring the food to their men, 1914.


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