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These images are posted in respectfully memory to those represented.

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A regimental band marches at the head of a column, 1915.


Medics warm themselves around a small fire.


The skeletal remains of soldiers, their identities forever unknown, Verdun.

Left to rot

Communication trench in the Argonne.

Communication trench



A supply dump in a support trench--sections of wattling, sandbags, iron barded-wire stakes.

Supply dump

A soldier uses a periscope to view the enemy's lines, 1915.


A unit waits to move up to Verdun along the Voie Sacree, 1916.

Halt along the 'Voie Sacree'

The actual 151e regimental band at the beginning of 1916.

151e R.I. Regimental Band

A hapless soldier, donning a sheep-skin, scoops mud out of a trench.

Endless task

Photo taken during an actual attack at Les Éparges, 1915.

Under fire

A soldier watches the enemy lines from the slopes of Les Éparges.

Watching the enemy

The battle-scared flag of the 37e R.I.

Tri-color of the 37e


Alpine chassuers kitchen

Soldiers relax over some food and letters, 1915.

Billet in the woods

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